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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Heard today at my house......

The kids put together a little puppet show. It was called "The Legend of the Sunny Swamp". Has a catchy little ring to it, dontcha think? They colored several pieces of copy paper brown and taped it to the front of our little table. Then they colored several pieces blue and left some white spots for clouds. One also had a nice big sunshine with sunglasses on and everything. These papers were attached to a piece of yarn that they strung across the room attached to a broom stick and a basket handle. My kids are inventive!

So they were having their puppet show and Ellie was making her crocodile puppet swim under the water. She made a sound like the croc was taking a huge breath to hold while swimming. Here is the conversation:

       Silas: You don't need to make him hold his breath. Crocodiles can breath under water.

       Ellie: I know but this one has sinus trouble.

       Silas:  Oh. Okay.

I had to hide my face so I didn't laugh in front of them. 

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