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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gators and Monkies and Birds Oh My!

We went to a fun little place called Jungle Gardens.  They had all sorts of animals for us to see.  We tried to grab a quick family picture here. Not the best, but at least it's all of us.

I thought this huge giraffe statue would make a good picture. I've really got to work on my photography skills.


They had several different types of birds. Forgive me for not knowing what type. I think they are all some type of parakeet. ??  I was too busy making sure the kids stayed together to listen. They did let us hold a bird on our arm for free though.

Silas was first. Such a strong arm! The bird hopped right on.

Ellie chose a smaller bird. They put a bit of food in her hand to feed it.

 Avrie chose this sweet little thing.  It wouldn't turn around to smile for the camera though.

They gave her some food too and that got its attention!

Now we're ready to smile. :)

"Oooh! That's pinchy!" is what she was saying.

Evelyn was right there with the others and wanted to have a try. Interesting how animals just "know". The volunteer worker said that they won't always step onto the arm of a smaller child because they sense they are not strong enough. They helper asked me to hold Evelyn's hand so maybe the bird would commit but it wouldn't step onto Evelyn's arm. She got to see it up close and was happy with that.

Todd wanted Sadie to have a picture too. :)

Another attempt at a group shot. I tell ya what....group shots are hard.

You try to get five children to look at the camera, at the same time AND smile.  I figured I would just put them all on here. Between the three pictures everyone looks decent at least one time ....... I think.

Ellie and Avrie thought it would be funny to pretend they were being eaten by the crocodile. Goofy girlies.

Young man Silas wearing his hat that matches Daddy's.

I spotted this plant and grabbed Avrie for this shot. The coloring matched her dress so well.

Then of course Ellie wanted a photo shoot for her. :)

This last one I had to grab. Avrie's flip flop broke.  Not a big deal, but it was a bit ironic. On our last little family vacation to a theme park, she lost her flip flop while boarding a log ride. It fell into the water never to be seen again. So this has now become a tradition.....go on vacation and buy Avrie some new shoes!

This concludes Part 7 of our Florida trip.

Have a blessed day! ~Tammy

Quick, get the camera!

Why did we take a picture of Grandpa taking a picture?  Funny you should ask!

Our little Sadie Bug was a bit messy after dinner. Grandma was super excited to give her a bath in the kitchen sink. Of course I was super excited to NOT have to give her a bath. LOL

Grandma wanted to document the event in a picture and had Grandpa run and get their camera. When Todd and I saw how cute it was that she wanted to capture this fun occasion, we wanted to document that very precious moment. That's all. :)

Here's a closer shot.

This concludes Part 6 of our Florida trip.

Have a blessed day! ~Tammy

Friday, May 4, 2012

No Eating In The Shower

Yes, you read that right. No eating in the shower.  I never thought I would have to make that rule. LOL

Ellie fell in the creek and had to take a shower. The rest of the kids were eating a snack of apples and....you guessed it....she took hers to the shower with her. Oh my. What will they think of next?

Have a blessed day! ~Tammy