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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Butcher, The Baker and The Pancake Maker

Wow we have been busy!  I have lots of posts in my head but none on here. woops! I figured I had better get at least one done before the end of June. LOL

We had VBS last week. The kids were super excited because we haven't participated in VBS for the last couple of years. We were getting ready for the second day. When Avrie learned that we were going back for a second day we had the following conversation:

Avrie: I hope when we go to VBS tonight that I don't have to sit by the pancake maker again.

*At this point I am trying to figure out who in the world sat by her that talked to her about pancakes.  Poor thing.  Being reminded of a food she loves so dearly while we are grain free.....I truly believe we need to be grain free right now but sometimes I just feel terrible about it.*

Me:  Who is the pancake maker?

Avrie: You know. That little girl that kept sitting by me. She would sit by me in the pew and sit so close that she would squish me flat up against the side. Just like a pancake!

Thankfully I have learned to keep things simple when talking with the children. There are often times that they are not thinking along the same lines as we are. I am so glad I didn't tell her how sad I was that we weren't eating grains. ;-)

Have a blessed day! ~Tammy