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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bows, Barettes and Bobby Pins.......

I have to be honest, as much as I LOVE cute little girl hair-dos I have been secretly pleased with my girls' slow growing hair. Not always of course. There have been times where I would love to have long locks to curl and braid, but for the most part I'm a wash-n-go kind of gal.

Now that their hair is getting a bit longer we have been doing some fun things. Avrie and Evelyn both have bangs hanging in their faces, so out of necessity it needs pulled back. If we don't, there is a good chance of finding globs of breakfast, lunch or dinner in it later on.  Try getting a comb through dried yogurt.

All three of my older girls have baby fine hair. Ellie and Evelyn are my curly girls and Avrie has stick straight hair like her mama. Sadie....we can't tell yet. ;-)  With all this baby fine hair we need very small hair doodles. Reeeeally small.

I have been flying by the seat of my pants for the last couple years but all these hair accessories have taken over. They are everywhere! We have been using an over-the-door shoe organizer but all those tiny little hair doodles fall to the bottom and I break my wrist trying to get to them. Very annoying.

Since Todd took Silas to the Brickyard 400 in Indianapolis today, (I won 2 tickets at the grocery store!) the girls and I worked hard at organizing the doodles.

First - here's my guys at the Brickyard.

Notice it's a bit sunny. Good thing I got Silas some sunglasses just for the occassion.

There. That's better.  Oh did you notice Silas lost a tooth and his new one is coming in?  THAT'S a story I should tell! I'll try to remember to post that one.

So now that you saw what the guys did all day........

Here's what the girls accomplished!

I bought this in the craft section at walmart. I think it's intended for storing beads. What I absolutely love about it is the dividers for each section actually touch the lid when it's closed. This is very important when some of the barettes are 1/2" in size. Also, a few of the dividers were removable so I could arrange them a bit to suit my needs.

We have lots of the "ouchless" pony tail holders in various sizes and colors. (We love these!)  So I sorted them by color.  In the upper left corner are our sparkly items. I think we got them when Ellie was a flower girl. So pretty!   We also have clear bands. The size we use most is medium. That's what's in here. There are pastel colored rubber bands as well. The bottom three on the left are barettes sorted by color. The right side has larger items with beads or bows on them and clips.

I underestimated how much we had so there was not room for everything. I took all of my own basic pony tail holders and put them on an "O" ring. This seems to work well and keeps them all in the same place.

I still have a few elastic head bands that have made it over the years. I put those on an "O" ring as well. I plan to get more now that I have a good place to keep them.  Poor Sadie needs a few every now and then.

The rest of the clear rubber bands didn't make it into the box. I still had the original holder they came in so I just put some bands we don't use across it to hold it shut and that's where they will stay. We really don't use the small and large sizes much and have plenty of the mediums out for now.

 Notice the metal on the band holding the box shut?  I don't prefer to use this kind of band as the metal gets caught in hair and pulls it out. OUCH!

I have a few clip style bows that I didn't know what to do with. I grabbed one of the pieces of cardboard that hadn't made it to the trash and voila! a bow holder.

*oops didn't get a pick of it. <blush>    It's the same idea as the next picture.

I also had some pins and clips that needed a home.

The few bobby pins that are still accounted for are on the top piece of cardboard. I reinforced the top with tape before I stuck the "O"ring through it. I plan to hang all these "O" rings on cup hooks inside the linen closet door.

I still have to figure out what to do with my clips and larger items, but at least these are somewhat organized.

One of these days we'll have to get some pretty ribbons for their hair. I'm already contemplating how to store them. :)


Cheymelah said...

Tammy I wanted to leave you a comment because I think your blog is so cute!!!

Tammy said...

Thanks! I appreciate it. :)