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Friday, July 29, 2011

So I took the kids to Walmart today.......

We were standing the the check out lane and Silas said, "Mom! There's one of those bowls that won't spill! We NEEEEED that bowl."

I glanced at the odd looking bowl and determined it is not something we need and told him no thanks. Then Ellie and Avrie joined in - "But mom, look at it!! You can tip it over and swing it all around and it.will.not.spill."

I told them that yes it looked like a fun item, but I'm sure at some point it would in fact spill.

Silas was certain I was wrong. "No mom. It won't.Really. The T.V. said so."

HUH?  Who? The T.V.??? Bwwwwaaahahahahahahaha!  (Okay, no I didn't burst out laughing at my son in his face, but that's how I felt.)  I took that moment to inform my children that just because it says something on T.V. does not make it true.

They will watch a VHS tape or DVD here and there, but we don't have cable, satellite or even an antenna.  Every once in a while they'll watch a show on NickJr. at someone else's house. They are cute shows for the  most part and the kids enjoy them, but I cannot imagine what life would be like if they saw commercials day in and day out. It's so freeing to not have that stuff shoved in our faces all the time. Heck, I buy enough things as it is. I don't need someone telling me I NEED more things. ;-)

We did have cable for one month a while back. I will admit that I enjoyed some of the cooking shows and such. There were some educational shows on there the kids watched. BUT.... It seemed that the more we watched the more we wanted to watch. We were sucked in. Seriously. The kids were constantly asking to watch "the next show". They would watch all day if I let them. I would even find myself stopping to watch and it wasn't even anything I was interested in. A little here and a little there. The things we were watching were not bad really, but the commercials were annoying to say the least. We would be watching a seemingly innocent show and then a commercial for a certain lingerie company would appear with scantily clad women plastered on the screen. We decided we had other things to do to occupy our time. I mean.....we do have our "hands full" as so many complete strangers point out to us so very often. How could we possibly have the time to watch T.V.? <yes that is sarcasm>  So off the cable went.

If they ever make a cable option without commercials, where you can pick and choose the shows and times you watch them, that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.....we might consider it. LOL  But for the time being we'll stick with what we're doing.


Gina said...

We shut off our cable two years ago... no one misses it or wants me to have it turned back on... (though we do have netflix)...

Tammy said...

Hi Gina! My very first comment! It took me a bit to figure out how to comment back. LOL

We haven't tried netflix....yet, although I have been tempted a few times. We sometimes watch a little snippit of something on youtube. It seems that we still have to keep the kids from looking at all the junk on the sides of the screen though. blech!