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Friday, July 22, 2011

Tractor pull

We took the kids to the local 4-H fair to see all the animals. We do not have animals and I am in no hurry to get them. So we go see  other  people's animals. It works.

They had a kiddie tractor pull. We thought, "hey why not?"  It was for ages 3-12. We have those!  So we signed them up. Evelyn won't technically be 3 till next month, but they let her do it anyway.

It took for.ev.er. but the kids enjoyed it and that's really all that matters.

There is a certain window of time where a child is the right size to fit on this tractor. That would be approximately age 4. (No we don't have one of those. LOL) I can't believe this went up to 12 years old! I know 12 year olds would enjoy it, but they needed a bigger tractor. I'm glad we had Evelyn participate, because she was the only one remotely comfortable sitting on it!

Here's some action shots of everyone.

Evelyn's feet were barely on the peddles.

Avrie tried to peddle a bit but wasn't too interested.

Silas worked hard! He tipped the front end up several times.

Ellie's long legs were no match for this tractor. She was a trooper!

I wonder if they'll ask to do it next year.

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