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Friday, July 1, 2011

She has been cleansed!

Incase you are wondering....."she" is Sadie and "cleansed" means.....well.....you can probably figure it out!  It had been 6 days with no dirty diapers. Then over the last couple days we had a little bit here and a little bit there. I took her off all solids (she was only getting one snack per day of either avocado or banana anyway.) and EBF (exclusively breast fed) her for the last three days. Needless to say - it worked!  She wore a one piece outfit in her sleep sack last night. Thankfully her sleep sack caught most of it. <shudder>  Not only was my sweet Sadie cleansed and feelin' great, she got a bath to top off her morning.

Squeaky Clean and Feelin' Good

There's my sweet pea after her morning bath. Yes, I know it's now July and it 100* outside. Yes, that is a sleeper. My thinking is that she is not yet finished with her cleanse. I want to contain as much as possible. Hence the sleeper. ;-)

I bet you are wondering - Where are the rest of the kids while all this is going on? -  Each one had a job. First of all, it's just plain helpful. Second of all, it keeps them out of trouble.  In this particular situation that philosophy worked for 3 out of 4.  Silas ran the bath water. He did a great job getting the temperature just right. Avrie held the Kroger bag for me. This is her job most every time we have a situation of this nature. The Kroger bag holds the nasty diaper and the millions (okay maybe not millions) of wipes that are used to clean said baby off. Ellie double checked the water temp and stood by the changing table with Sadie so I could get the last minute bath organizing done. But what about little Evelyn??

First she helped Silas a little with the water, and got completely soaked. Off went that dress. I didn't get a picture of that, sorry. Evelyn did manage to get herself dressed again.

I'm feeling like a few shades of pink today.

Lovely huh?  The outfit Evelyn has chosen for this morning is a gorgeous two piece pajama ummmmmm set. The top comes from a size 12 month and the bottoms are actually from her drawer of 3T. Yes the top is backwards. Yes the bottoms are wet. She also decided to wear panties in lieu of a pull-up and failed to mention that to me.  But she got dressed by herself! What a big girl!

Since taking this picture, Evelyn is in her third outfit for the morning and it is not yet noon.  I wonder why we have so much laundry?

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