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Friday, July 1, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words.

I have read about this before and just never got around to doing it. I can't believe it's taken this long. I am just now implementing this so I will have to update later how things are going. But so far so good.

What am I talking about?  Keeping our house looking somewhat presentable. That's what. I am not naturally organized. At this point I don't believe it will ever come as second nature. My poor kids don't have a chance at the rate I am going. They walk over things all. day. long. Things are so cluttered they don't even see the stuff anymore.

We got one room perfectly clean. Okay, not perfect by some standards, but by our standards it was perfect. I took a couple pictures of this room and typed up some simple instructions. Now they can see in the picture what it's supposed to look like!  I am no longer the bad guy. I don't have to keep saying over and over...did you get the blocks picked up? Are the papers picked up? Is the room clean? No honey, it's not clean. You can't leave 10 gallons of duplos on the floor and consider it clean.......sigh.

Now all I have to say is....Does it look like the picture?


·      All toys in their place.
·      Floor is clean – no papers or toys.
·      Table is clear and clean.
·      Cabinet closed.
·      Totes lidded and stacked neatly in corner.

I have pages done for various chores as well. Here's what is finished so far:

-dining room table clean-up
-closet tidy
-laundry directions (how to do the washer and dryer)
-morning routine (brush teeth, brush hair, get dressed type of stuff)
-night time routine (brush teeth, jammies on....you get the idea)
-putting clean batch of laundry away.

Some other pages I am thinking of doing:
-kitchen pantry
-toy cabinet
-hall linen closet

I would like to get these perfect (they are actually close to it now believe it or not.) and snap a picture to laminate and place on the inside of the door.  Not sure where I will put the one for the bookshelves.

I sure hope this works!

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