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Friday, July 1, 2011

Crazy day...

 This was originally written in an email I shared with some friends May 17, 2011. I figured I would post it here.

I started off this morning checking Silas' face. He had marks on it Sunday and we didn't know what it was. Poison ivy had been suggested and we were leaning that direction. But Todd and I have neither one ever had it. LOL  So I checked his face, still looked about the same. I checked the rest of him.....he had more of this stuff on his belly, arms, armpits, legs, hands...ack!  Since this is so new to me I called the doctor and she got us right in!  Yes it is poison ivy. So at least I know for sure:)

Then straight from the doctor to piano lessons....Silas played outside but it was too cold for my wimpy girlies, Avrie and Evelyn. So they spent their time in the van with me and Sadie. Nursed baby girl and Evelyn went potty in her potty chair.

After piano, for some crazy reason I decided to go to the next city over.  Went to Arbys and got everyone out to go potty. Sadie was sleeping so I just carried her whole carseat in. While walking in I ordered 4 cherry turnovers with no icing. (The turnovers are fine but the icing has something in it they can't have.) The lady said it would take 22 minutes. I told her it would be fine. She sort of debated with me a bit and I said just put them in please! Everyone had their potty break (Evelyn included yay!) and washed hands. Got back into the van and went through the drive thru. Ordered our sandwiches and pulled forward to wait for the turnovers. I had just put the sauce on my sandwich and taken a few bites and the lady brought out the turnovers! Perfect timing.

We headed to the mall. Have I mentioned I do not know what in the world I was thinking? LOL

Had a talk with the kids. I told them I was looking for two things today. New bras and a swimsuit. (Yes I am still unsure of my whole swimsuit situation. grrrrr)  If I can't find a swimsuit then we can't go to Holiday World. If they don't behave I can't find a swimsuit.  You can see where this is going. Got everyone out and Sadie in the stroller. Changed her diaper and let Evelyn go pee again. ha ha

Went to JC Penney. Found the ONE rack of nursing bras - on which there were actually only 2 different styles - and searched for my size. Honestly I don't even know my size anymore.  At this time the kids were sitting on the floor playing Skunk in the Barnyard very quietly. Evelyn leaned into a rack and the whole thing fell off!  I think it was already broken really. So here she is with about 20 pair of very large silky looking underwear saying "uh oh mommy".

Next we headed to the swimsuit section. I found a few to try on. Off to the dressing rooms! We all piled into a regular sized changing room because the handicap one was only being used for bra fittings. <roll eyes>  Poor Silas had to sit facing the wall while I tried things on. I won't go into major detail at this point, but let's just say nothing fit.

Next store. I think this was Sears. Same scenario minus the bras - I couldn't even find the nursing bras there.

We went through ElderBerman (is that spelled correctly?) and saw nothing worth trying on. Got to the pretzel place and ordered a lemonade to drink with our turnovers. Then we went to the play area in the food court. I nursed Sadie while the others ran around for a few minutes.

Off to Macy's. Tried on some suits there. It was sad really. Anything that fit on top didn't fit on bottom and vice versa. I think I could really find a good suit, but I want to be able to nurse Sadie so that is adding a bit of a challenge.

We headed upstairs to see my SIL and to (you guessed it!) use the bathroom.

So while I was talking with my SIL I mentioned that I have yet to find a good bra that will actually do the job it is intended for. The lady standing there with us said, "yes, yours isn't doing it's job." -Yes, she really did say that out loud.- At this point my SIL intervened and told me this lady was a certified bra fitter, so that made me feel a little better. Although admittedly I still didn't have warm fuzzies about her anymore.

She informed me that Macy's now carries  maternity again, as of about a month ago. So they have nursing bras! I bopped on over there. By now it was about 4:00 ish. Everyone was very tired, but still doing well. A different gal (thankfully) measured me and picked out a couple bras to try. Not at all in the size I had been trying by the way. One ummmm didn't work. We'll leave it at that. But the other one!!!! I wore it out of the store!

I checked out and headed out of the store. We made one last potty break at the food court and got to the van. Evelyn fell asleep on the way home and didn't pee in the seat!!!! I got a little worried about it when we were in construction traffic for a bit.

I got home about 5:00 or 5:30. Threw a stir fry together and collapsed. Then I realized I completely forgot to get clear caladryl for Silas. So Todd picked that up on his way home.

I am still on the lookout for a good suit that meets all of my criteria:

1. I can nurse Sadie in it.
2. covers my bum - skirt or the like
3. Does not leave my girls hanging out for all to see.
4. Has good coverage for sun protection on my shoulders so I don't have to wear sunscreen. When Silas was a baby it got in his eyes from my shoulders and they swelled up.
5. I feel comfortable in it and am willing to be seen in public.

I think I might have to forgo number 4 if I want to be able to nurse Sadie.  Heck I may have to forgo number 5 as well.

*note* I did end up finding a lovely swimsuit I purchased from modestlyyoursswimwear.com. It was wonderful!

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