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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Evelyn's First Haircut

Sweet Evelyn has been having some bad hair days for a while now. There have been some times where we could pass her off as a troll doll.

The back of her hair gets quite fuzzy. We decided it was time for her first haircut! I made a last minute appointment with our favorite hair-stylist and off we went. Evelyn was pretty excited about it until she saw the chair.  At that  point her little smile faded away.  Thankfully she didn't cry and it only took a little coaxing to get her into the chair.

Still not very happy with the chair.

Every once in a while she would say, in her cute little raspy voice, "I don't like haircuts." and stick out her bottom lip.

Once it was all said and done she was pleased.  She looked like a completely different little girl!

Check out the back. No more troll doll hair for this little cutie.

It still gets a little fuzzy in the back but nothing that can't be combed out quickly. One last smile for the camera.

Have a blessed day! ~Tammy

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