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Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Fun!

Yes I realize it's January and I am making a Christmas post. We had computer issues and I am behind.

We did several fun things this year. Of course I wanted to do more but this is what actually got accomplished.

Several months ago I found this wonderful idea to make cinnamon honey butter gifts in a jar. Of course this was before we went on a diet that eliminated cinnamon and sugar, and limited honey and butter. LOL  I had already planned it though, so we made it anyway. I will admit that Ellie and I had a lick. Sssshhhhh!  Funny thing is, I thought it was too sweet.  We made it several months ago and loved it. I think our taste buds are changing, and for the better. It seems like everyone that received a jar liked it well enough and Ellie had fun helping in the kitchen.

Here is a picture of our jars.

No they are not as fancy looking as the ones we were mimicking, but we liked them. Sweet side note:  The material on the jars came from an old elf costume that my Great Aunt Vivie had made for me to wear in a Christmas show several years ago. Memories!

Another thing we did was make salt dough ornaments. The kids really enjoyed this. I was also not too concerned about them eating something with flour because the dough tasted horrible.

Here are some actions shots.

We made a little keepsake with our left over dough. Each of us put a thumb print in this square and I made stick people out of them. I am hoping to decorate with markers. We'll see if it actually turns out or not.

We took the ornaments and met some friends at a local nursing home. We were able to take some time and decorate them with a few of the residents. We caroled through the halls a bit, then a nice lady came by to play songs at the piano. She played several Christmas carols that we knew, so we joined in the singing. It turned out very nice and everyone had a great time!

We also had our usual family gatherings. With the new diet this year it was a little more challenging to come up with fun food for the kids. At the last minute I decided to make a Christmas tree from our veggie tray. We have cauliflower around the edges as "snow". The broccoli is the tree. The star is sliced yellow bell pepper held together with a toothpick and the lights on the tree are chopped red and yellow bell pepper.  Yes, I know it's not sugar cookies but the kids liked it.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas!


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