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Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Son The Inventor

Silas loves to create things. To build things. If he wants something he will try to make it before he even asks for it. A week or so ago he wanted to sew. I don't know why honestly, but he wanted to. Instead of coming to me and asking for a needle he took Todd's wire cutters and tried to make a needle from a safety pin.  When that didn't work he asked me for a needle. He then proceeded to sew anything he could get his hands on. His first project was a rip in the arm of the couch.

Yes, those are the wire cutters.

 Then he fixed a hole in one of our many baby dolls.  I think he got a little carried away on this one.

He went on to sew some holes in his jeans. When he got tired of cloth he resorted to paper. He made a book and a calendar!

Ellie got a clipboard for her school this year. It's small and pink and she keeps her to do list on it. Silas decided he wanted a clipboard. Did he ask me for one? Nope. He made one.

Yes that is a chip clip on cardboard. If you are wondering how he got the clip to stick..............he used JB Weld. Seriously. He didn't realize it was a two step process so it didn't dry properly at first. I had no idea it was JB weld at the time.  The "glue" (as he called it) wouldn't dry. He came to me asking when I would be putting another load in the dryer. I immediately told him that he could NOT put his clipboard in the clothes dryer. He said he wasn't doing that, he wanted to put it outside in the bushes right by the dryer vent to make it dry faster! His mind is always working. Todd came home and we figured out Silas had used JB weld but had not added the second compound so that was fixed in a jiffy.

Next we have a rocket ship out of cardboard with a drop open hatch for his stuffed animal to come out in a parachute (aka trash bag w/yarn)

-a pirate ship
-a "good guy" transformer

Here is a buzz light year suit for his little sister complete with the wings that fold out buy pulling a string. It didn't fit Evelyn and he decided Sadie would tear it up, so he put it on a doll instead.

-a picture frame made from sticks and yarn with a lovely drawing he made attached.

An earlier creation is his bear trap from wooden train tracks and yarn. (The boy really likes yarn. Thankfully I picked up a slew of it at goodwill.)  After discussing it  he figured out it wouldn't catch a bear but it might be able to catch a baby bear. He tried it out and he was able to catch a stuffed flamingo.

We have his astronaut suit, complete with straws to breath through.

He made a church to put in the window so the sun could shine through his stained glass windows.  The little one beside it is from a certain little sister. :)

Did you notice the vacuum in the background of the rocket picture?  That is used daily. Sometimes a few times a day. This is what it looks like after a very simple project.

This is only a small portion of the room. If all of the children are working on various projects we have little bits of cardboard and paper all over the place. Part of the reason, I admit, is because I don't let them have scissors unless I am supervising closely. We wouldn't want anyone getting hurt.

Speaking of hurt! The other day he killed a mole in our yard with a bow and arrow made from pvc pipe and heavy string.. (We are wondering if the mole was sickly or something.)

Don't look if you don't like dead animals.

By the way, Todd asked Silas how the mole got on its back and he said he moved it with his arrow.

Yes it drives me crazy, but he is going to be a great provider one of these days!

Oh and if anyone reading this is looking for gift ideas.........I'm thinking duct tape, packing tape, masking tape, glue, cardboard, paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls........ you get the idea.

Have a blessed day! ~Tammy

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Anonymous said...

That's MY BOY!!! What father wouldn't be gleaming w/ pride after a post like that!.... Well besides those who don't look forward to trips to the hospital for "experiments" gone BAD...Anyway, I foresee a Prototype Engineer in our future. Its SAD that so-many see a child that's BUSY and wonder why he just cant sit STILL. Its because He wants to re-invent, or at least modify, his whole world!
That Guy (AKA daddy)