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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Who's the boss?

So some type of critter has gotten into our trash......again. To top it off, it's the day before trash pick-up. So there's lots of it. Nice.

Never fear!  We have Silas to rescue us. He is all boy and loves dirt.  He's my first in line to carry the slop bucket down the hill to dump scraps. Before you get all worried, I did have him put a Kroger bag over each hand so he wouldn't be touching all the trash. Ellie's job was to be his HELPER. All she had to do was hold the trash tote still so he could scoop up the nasty trash and put it back in. Not too difficult right?


My lovely first-born has a lot of learning to do when it comes to not being the boss. She is wonderful at telling others how to do things. LOL  But she is not so great at taking orders.  She and Silas came running in the house within a few minutes. Ellie was crying and Silas was saying over and over "I don't know what her problem is. She isn't being very helpful." When I asked Ellie what she was upset about she said, "Mo-ooom! (yes that is whining.) He keeps telling me what to do!"

ummmmm yeah....and?

I explained to Ellie that her job was to be his helper. Silas' job was to communicate his needs to her in a nice manner, which he was doing.  That is, until she started yelling at him. Then I think he was not so nice.

I told Ellie that she needed to go out and help her brother. If she continued telling him how to do it and bossing him then she would end up doing the job herself.....ALONE.

Did I mention Ellie is having trouble in this area?  ;-) I'm hoping she has learned a little from today. Man I should have gotten a picture! You may have guessed by now that Ellie could not control her tongue and she did try to boss her little brother. Of course she said she was trying to HELP him by telling him he was doing it wrong.

So my girly girl put some Kroger bags over her hands and went to work. She came in several times crying, "There are bugs mom!"

Of course Silas came to me with the cool maggots that he found. eeewwwww!!! I made him clean them up with a paper towel and wash his hands with hot soapy water. I told you he was perfect for the trash job. If only Ellie could figure that out.  Someday..........

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