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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vacation at last!

One of the items that we shipped ahead of time was our queen air mattress. We put Silas, Avrie and Evelyn on the air mattress (They can all be sideways on it and still stretch out.) and Ellie got the twin bed right next to it. 

Grandma had found a nice pack-n-play at a consignment shop for Sadie. It fit perfectly in a closet right next to the bed Todd and I slept in.

They had us all set up and ready for a good night's sleep and boy were we ready for one!

When I had packed the box to ship I wasn't as organized as I should have been. (Imagine that!)   I somehow messed up the pajamas and Evelyn ended up in jammies that were a bit small for her. She didn't seem to mind though.  See her little belly sticking out?

Sometime during the night I heard Evelyn crying. She came in and said her ear was hurting. She cried and cried for quite a while. I have used some natural remedies before when her ears have hurt, one of which is onion. She usually doesn't like me to do it, but she marched into Grandma's room, woke her up and asked if she had any onions for her ear. She didn't have onions but there was some garlic. I got a bit of juice from the garlic on a q-tip and lightly dabbed her ear. That seemed to help. Here is where Evelyn and I spent our first night on vacation.

 At some point Evelyn felt better, so she left me sleeping here.

That concludes part 3 of our Florida trip.

Have a blessed day! ~Tammy

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