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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Quite disturbing.

Last night we were resting in bed before actual bedtime. Silas was in between me and Todd and we were talking. Here's part of the conversation:

Silas:    Mom, I was gonna play a trick on you but I decided not to.

Me:      Really?  What was the trick?

Silas:    Well, I found this dried up lizard.

            Dried up lizard??!! 

Me:     Yes. And?

Silas:    I took it and squeezed it with my pliars. It was so cool! I squeezed all its guts up to its head.  Then they all squirted out.


Me:     Where did you do that?

Silas:    In the bathroom.

          At this point I recall cleaning some type of gooey substance off of the toilet lid. I thought it was a worm.

Me:     Okay. Well, let's do stuff like that outside okay?

Silas:   Okay mom. So I was gonna put the lizard on your pillow. I thought it would be funny, but then I decided it probably wasn't a good idea.

             My pillow?

Me:     Very good job!  Great decision buddy. You are right, that would not have been a good thing to do.

Silas:    What would have happened?

Me:      Mommy would have screamed and then you would have been in trouble. It would not have been worth it. Believe me.

Silas:    Oh. So I made a good choice then?

Me:      Yes.

Oh my!  I am so thankful he had second thoughts. 

Have a blessed day! ~Tammy

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