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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Not Subject To Change

Todd and I have always joked that I could have the phrase "Not Subject To Change" stamped on my forehead. Really. I do not like change. If someone had asked me 20 years ago what my life would look like now, my description certainly wouldn't have been anywhere near what my life is today. Even 5 years ago I couldn't have imagined things quite like they are now.  Life is an amazing thing, a terrifically wild ride. I've just gotta keep reminding myself of what Todd often tells me.......

You can't change anyone but yourself. 

I've always been a "glass half empty" type of person.

I like to call it being "real", but let's face it. I'm a pessimist. There are times when I will be right. There are also times when I will be wrong. In both of those instances, no matter who or what should change, I can only change myself. Now, before you get all excited, I am not saying that I am willing to give in or back down on important issues.


That will not happen.

I can, however, choose to react differently to situations. I can choose to not let things bother me. I can choose to find good in things that don't seem so good at first. It won't always come easily, but who said life would be easy?

I need to let go of what could have been and what might be. I need to focus on what is. Right now. Not yesterday's dreams or tomorrow's possibilities. Right now. Not only do I need to focus on what is, but I need to do that cheerfully and with a heart of contentment and gratefulness.

I'm ready to focus on filling up that glass I call my life.

Have a blessed day! ~Tammy

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