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Monday, September 26, 2011

Kiwi sandwiches!

Yes you read that right!  Kiwi sandwiches.  All you need is some baby spinach and kiwi. (Remember? We aren't doing grains right now, so no bread for our sandwiches.)

If you are picturing this:

Then you don't quite have it right.  :-P

Seriously though, here's how it got started.......

We were eating our tuna salad on romaine leaves and Todd suggested topping with baby spinach (which was a wonderful, yummy suggestion!). I had cut up some kiwi slices for dessert.  Todd just mentioned how nice it would look as an appetizer to put a kiwi slice on a spinach leaf.

It does look lovely doesn't it?

Then he popped it in his mouth.

OH MY!  Scrumptious!

The spinach was a lovely texture and took some of the sour away from the kiwi. He found that just the right balance was a leaf on top and a leaf on bottom....hence the name "kiwi sandwich". 

Here is the perfected snack.

We all had a few. :)

If this is some sort of common snack somewhere forgive my ignorance, but we were just really excited to make something good for dessert.

Have a blessed day! ~Tammy

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