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Saturday, August 27, 2011

My favorite school items so far

I must share my favorite school items so far. Of course the books we are reading are awesome!  Here are a few. ;-)

But, I'm not talking about those, I'm talking about my favorite organizational items.

First up we have Ellie's checklist, in its home on the infamous pink clipboard.

I took all of her HOD boxes and some other things she has to do throughout the day (piano practice and such) and listed them for her. They are color coded. The green boxes are things she needs to do with mom. The purple items are her independent work and the pink boxes are her independent reading. I separated the work and reading because sometimes we will be out and about and I can tell her to grab her reading for the day. I thought it would be easier for her to find this way.  Ellie seems to love that she knows what she must accomplish and can see what is done and what has yet to be done for the day. We are pleased with our list!

Next is our timeline. The timeline we are using this year happens to span over three pages. I wasn't sure how I was going to do it and I happened upon a file folder that opened into thirds! I got a cover sheet off of the wonderful HOD yahoo group shared files to make it pretty.

Then put the timeline pages inside.

 I love how it folds up for storage inside the binder but will fold out to show the years all at a glance.

Speaking of the binder........that is my next favorite item. Rather than blank pages, I printed off the History notebooking pages from a lovely HOD mom. I felt like it would help us out a bit. Ellie still has to fill in all of the information but there is not nearly the amount of writing she would have had otherwise. (I don't know why these pics are sideways. I have rotated them all different ways and it's not working.)


Next is the Science notebooking section. I just put a blank page in the page protectors for each unit. That way they are read to go and we don't have to hunt for a piece of paper. Ellie has a bible verse at the top and then she made a drawing of high tide and low tide. Since we were learning about the sea she drew a fish around her bible verse. :)


The last section (so far) is for her science experiments. I printed a worksheet off for each unit and it is all ready for Ellie to fill out. I had a picture but blogger is being difficult tonight.  I have to say that the page protectors are what makes this binder so perfect. I got the idea from Julie on the HOD forums. She is a genius!

Well, there you have it. My most favorite organizational items for the year. 

Have a blessed day! ~Tammy


Christine said...

I love your checklist! I'm starting Bigger in just a few days!

Cheri said...

Hi Tammy! I just found your blog (through MOMYS). I remember you from the October 2010 due date thread. :)
I loved reading about your school set-up. I'm still in the midst of planning (we're officially starting out next year on the 19th). :)